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The Rose Academy of Burlesque

The Rose Academy of Burlesque is a body-positive dance studio based in the Twin Cities. Headmistress Deeva Rose believes all bodies are burlesque bodies. As an instructor, Deeva’s goal is to create a positive space where students feel safe and supported by their peers and instructor. At the Rose Academy, we offer classes, workshops, private lessons, and events for students of all body types, gender expressions, ages, abilities, and levels of experience.




Our Staff


Deeva Rose, Headmistress

Hailing from the Twin Titties, Deeva Rose tittilates the crowd with her eclectic, sensual style of striptease. She is one of the fierce, independent members of The Vigilantease Collective, a crew of queer ARTivists. As an instructor, Deeva spreads body positivity and self love as headmistress at The Rose Academy of Burlesque. Find her at monthly shows such as Kinky Friday, La Folies Burlesk, and Ballentine’s Burlesque. She is the Best Chest in the Midwest: Deeva Rose!


Mister Rose

Mister Rose is a stage stud extraordinaire! He right swiped his way into the magical world of burlesque when he met Deeva. Now you can find this cat daddy picking up stripper droppings and guarding doors all over town! Mister Rose, The Vigilantease Collective’s official bear!

 Friends of the Academy