Stretch and Strength for Everyone with Dahlia Fatale

Stretch and Strength for Everyone with Dahlia Fatale


Stretch and Strength for Everyone with Dahlia Fatale

September 14th 12:00-1:00pm

At Studio For Hire (map)


Are you ready to limber up? Come stretch your body in ways you never before thought possible.

This class will put you in touch with familiar muscles, and introduce you to new ones in a warm, encouraging environment that allows students to push their limits as we explore leg flexibility as well as forward and back bending. As we stretch, we will also discuss injury prevention and bending as it pertains to dance, performance and daily function.

There is no flexibility prerequisite for this class, those who can't touch their toes will get just as much out of it as those who can sit on their own heads.

hat To Bring: A yoga mat, knee pads and water bottle. If you have a yoga block please bring that as well.

About Dahlia Fatale:

Dahlia Fatale is a traveling, award winning burlesque performer and instructor. She teaches weekly classes at home in Chicago, and has taught workshops across the US and Canada. As an instructor, Dahlia brings together a unique perspective built on years of dance training, as well as circus training and anatomy education (yes, she's touched muscles from the inside too!), she believes that movement is for all humans and loves watching students learn new and different ways to move their bodies!

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