Lap Dance for Fat Bodies with Deeva Rose

Lap Dance for Fat Bodies with Deeva Rose


Have you always wanted to give a lap-dance but struggled with where to begin? Are you looking to create a sexy surprise for your partner?

Join Deeva Rose in a Lap dance Workshop designed for Fat Bodies. There is no size limit to sexy.

In this class you will learn the elements of striptease, chair and floor-work dance moves and the tools to find confidence and self love.

If you consider yourself a larger body, plus size, fat, pudgy, husky etc this class is for you.  

Saturday September 21st 3:30pm-5:00pm

At Real Life Coffee and Yoga (map)


Things to know:  It is very difficult to give a lap dance without a lap! Be prepared to partner with other folks in the class or sign up with a friend. You will not be forced to partner up but it is highly encouraged.  

What to Bring and Wear:

Feel free to do this class barefoot or in clean non marking dance or athletic shoes. Heels not encouraged.

Please bring knee pads if you have them or a yoga mat and a water bottle. The studio has some yoga mats to share

Please wear clothing you can move around in and feel comfortable in. Please bring a top layer that can be easily removed. Example a robe or a jacket.

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